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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina : The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the Balkan Peninsula and is created by the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. This happened on April 5, 1992. The capital of Bosnia Herzegovina is Sarajevo. The country is bordered by Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro. In addition Bosnia Herzegovina has 24 kilometer coastline on the Adriatic Sea. A well-known seaside resort with beach is Neum, a lot of sun, especially in many hotels along the coast with prices that are significantly lower than those in Croatia. Other cities with tourist attractions are Mostar, Banja Luka, Bihaæ, Brèko, Trebinje and Tuzla. The mountains in Bosnia-Herzegovina are almost always coverred with snow. Around Sarajevo are many winter sports facilities which were modernized in recent years (since the Winter Olympics of 1984). Winter sports facilities are also around the Vlašiæ Hill in the vicinity of Zenica.

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