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Estonia : Estonia is located in the northeast of Europe. Estonia borders the Baltic Sea, the Finnish Gulf and neighbours Russia and Latvia. Latvia is the northernmost and smallest of the 3 Baltic countries. Estonia's most famous tourist attraction is the medieval capital city of Tallin. Tallin has a very well preserved historic center. Since 1997 it is listed as UNESCO world heritage. In Tallin the following is worth a visit: the Dominican Monastery, the park around the Baroque palace, the Gothic church on the Niguliste (which includes Estonian Art museum), the open-air Vabaõmuseum of nearly one hundred farms on a large pice of land along the Gulf of Kopli, the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevski Cathedral. The second most important city of Estonia is Tartu. In the Baltic Sea a lot of grey seals can be found. In addition a visit to the islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa off the coast of Estonia are interesting. On Saaremaa is the Kali-crater created by a meteorite impact a 800 years before Christ. On the island of Hiiumaa you will find arctic lichens and vegetation.

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