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Germany travel agency: Germany is in Western Europe and is formed by a federation of 16 Bundesländer, states. Neighboring countries are the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. Germany has over 80 million inhabitants and is after Russia the country with the highest population in Europe. Germany is known for the capital Berlin, the beer festival (October Feste) in Bavaria the Black Forest, the Eifel and Sauerland. In addition, Germany has highways that are known around the world: the autobahn, where in some cases no speed limit applies. Large islands of Rügen, Usedom (German section 373 km2), Fehmarn, Sylt, Borkum and Norderney. The largest rivers in Germany: Rhine, Elbe, Danube, Main, Weser, Ems, Neckar, Havel, Moselle, Elde and Oder. In addition, the largest lakes of Lake Constance, Müritz, Chiemsee, Schwerinersee, Starnbergersee, Ammersee, Lake Plauer, Kummerower See, Steinhuder Lake, Grosser Ploner See, Schaalsee and Selentersee. Major cities are capital Berlin, former capital Bonn, Cologne and Munich. Sightseeing in Berlin: the Reichstag, Potsdam, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall with Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Zoo or Zoologischer Garten, the Loveparade (grown into an event with more than 1 million dance music lovers). Berlin is well known to visit the U-Bahn to use: the underground.

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