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Iceland : Iceland is the least populated country in Europe situated on an island between Greenland and the mainland of Europe. The island lies in the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Denmark and the Arctic. The country is also just inside the Arctic Circle. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik and is the world's most northern capital. Iceland is the most western located country of Europe. Reason for this tourists to visit Iceland is the natural beauty: hot springs, geysers, glaciers, active volcanoes, huge lava-deserts and beautiful mountains. Iceland is a perfect destination for people who enjoy walking and unspoiled nature. Sights are Gullfoss (a two-arms waterfall), Geysir (an area which includes most geysers) and "Strokkur (a geyser that has an outburst every 3 minutes up to 20 meters height). From Denmark it is possible to travel to Seydisfjördur in East Iceland with the luxury of Smyril Line ferry. It will also stop at the Faroer Islands.

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