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Montenegro train: Montenegro is a country in the Balkans. It is located on the Adriatic Sea opposite to Italy and adjacent to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Until June 5, 2006 Montenegro was part of Serbia-Montenegro, but both countries are now independent. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica. On June 28, 2006 Montenegro became a member of the United Nations. Things to see in Podgorica are Georgs church, the clock tower, the old bridge, the citadel, the ruins of the Roman city Doklea and Hristovog Vaskrsenja. Other sights in Montenegro are the Ostrog monastery, the Skadar Lake, the village Crnojevica Rijeka, the old town of Kotor, the ancient capital Cetinje (the palace and monastery), National Park Lovcen and the mausoleum of Petar Petrovic-Njegos.

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