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Slovac Republic ferry: Slovakia is a republic founded on January 1, 1993 (until then part of Czechoslovakia). Slovakia borders on the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. The capital is Bratislava. Since May 1, 2004, Slovakia is member of the European Union. Since March 29, 2004 a member of NATO. Sights are the cities Bratislava (with the castle and the Nový Most bridge over the Danube), Banská Bystrica and Kosice and the National Park Slovensky Raj (Slovak Paradise with the ice-cave from Dobšinská I'adová). In winter, cross-country skiing and skiing is a popular activity in the Tatra mountains. The Slovak reservoirs (Orava, Liptovská Mara, Zemplínska Šírava and Domaša) are especially in the summer months very popular recreational area. Slovakia is rich in thermal and mineral sources, commonly used as a spa (eg Piešťany, Trenčíanske Teplice, Bardejov, Patince, Štúrovo, Santovka, Čalovo and Podhájska).

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