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Sweden travel agency: Sweden is a kingdom in Scandinavia, Northern Europe. Sweden bordering Norway and Finland and the Skagerrak, Kattegat, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. The capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Sweden has since 1995 member of the European Union. The longest river is the Klar Älv with a length of 720 kilometers to the Vänern. The largest waterfall is 34 meters high and sixty-metre wide Tannforsen in Jämtland. Sweden has 96,000 lakes (where Vänern, Vättermeer, Mälarmeer and Hjälmarmeer). The most famous national park is Abisko. In Stockholm, the sights: the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Strömmen, the royal palace, the National Museum. Other sightseeing cities Malmo, Linköping, Gothenburg, Hälsingborg and Visby. At the resort Abisko begins the 393 kilometre long Kungsleden (Koningspad), representing a trail through Lapland.

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